SDK stands for Software Development Kit. This is a set of tools for third-party developers who wish to produce games that target the platform. If you require further assistance you can always reach out to our friendly Support Team, via e-mail:


KataSDK is made up of four parts:

  • a game engine written in Python, named kataen
  • a pygame emulator able to run pygame programs in the web context
  • an API, named katapi that is useful for interacting with our servers
  • a set of commands that helps you in publishing/ pushing games to our platform

Main project files          # meta-informations for the current Doc.          # projet description

docs/              # sources(Markdown) of pages making up the current Doc.

    microinvader/  # minimal game that uses keyboard events
    mouse_test/    # how to catch mouse events
    sound_test/    # how to use sound effects

katagames_sdk/     # source(Python) of the various SDK parts
scripts/           # source(Javascript) of Web-related components