The Game Engine


The katagames_sdk.engine component, or kataen for short is a game engine but also a wrapper around the python pygame library (whose source-code is available (Here)[]).

As a game engine, kataen is based on the MVC design pattern, or Model-View-Controller. It also provides multiples useful features like: an internal event manager, helper classes to store and switch between game states, etc.

Minimum viable program

If you come from pygame you should already recognize this kind of structure. To understand how kataen comes into play, first you should launch can launch this basic program on your computer.

It has been tested using python3.8+ and pygame v2.0.1:

import pygame

def boy(x, y):  # doing fancy code-source
    what a long comment man
    return y

if __name__ == '__main__':
    boy(9, 3)